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Informazioni Generali

(in inglese)
Processing Time :

All documents are usually issued within three working days, subject to receipt of all required documents/information.

Visa : Please see the visa page(in italiano).

Renewal of passport

  1. Filled-in Form "Ga".(Available at the Embassy)
  2. Two passport size recent photographs.
  3. Fee: Euro 21.00 (Normal)/year and Euro 42.00 (Urgent)/year.
New passport
  1. For adults: Filled in Application Form "Ka". (Available at the Embassy)
    For children(aged under 12 years): Filled-in application form "Kha". (Available at the Embassy)
    Note: Please mention the name of the mother under the place designated for father's name in the Form .
  2. Old passport ( in case of exhaustion of the passport after ten years)
  3. 4 copies of passport sized photographs
  4. In case of child under the age of twelve, Court’s verdict declaring the legal guardian.
  5. Fee: Euro 105.00 (Normal), Euro 158.00(Urgent).
    Note : The applicant himself has to be present for the interview.
Endorsement for inclusion of child’s name
  1. Filled in Application Form "Ga".(Available at the Embassy)
  2. Birth Certificate in original (to be returned upon processing) with one photocopy.
  3. Four stamp size (25X26 mm) photographs of the child.
  4. Fee Euro 42.00 per child .
For any service to Bangladeshis including issuance of certificates, endorsements, renewals etc., the original passport of the applicant has to be submitted to the EMBASSY OF BANGLADESH. The passport will be returned to the bearer immediately.


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